Giving Back

It has always been a passion for us to get involved in assisting previously disadvantaged communities.  This has lead us to get involved in some community projects.

The Bhambayi Community shopper project when we first started out and now ongoing with the Woza Moya Aid Centre.


Little Traveller Products

Woza Moya is the economics empowerment project of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust, reflecting our unique culture and heritage.  We were approached by Paula from the Hillcrest AIDS centre to create an exclusive fabric design showcasing their famous beaded “Little Travellers”.  We then made up our regular products in the Little traveller fabric and these products are now available exclusively at the Woza Moya shops, proceeds from the sales go back to the Centre Trust.




Bhambayi Community

Thembi and the Blue Flamingo Girls

It is part of our vision to help people from poorer communities.  In collaboration with the Bhambayi Project Sewing Group we produced a range of exclusive, durable, designer bags.  The ladies of the sewing club made up our Shopper Totes.  Not only did these ladies get paid to produce the bags, helping them to earn an income.  But, we will also donated a further portion of the sales of these bags back to the Bhambayi Project and into the community.

Thembi Biyela heads up the sewing ladies and co-ordinating them to sew our community project products.